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REDWOOD EMPIRE ARMORY is your full service mobile Law Enforcement and Security firearm service, inspection, modification, build and repair company. Redwood Empire Armory offers you comprehensive and professional services that are individually tailored to meet your agency's unique needs. You can place your trust in our knowledgeable Gunsmiths who will find the right best practices solution for you! When the time comes to stop a threat, you need the utmost confidence in your weapon system, your ammunition, and especially the professional who maintains your weapons on a regular basis. From revolver to pistol, rifle to shotgun, less-lethal to Simmunitions, we understand the need for reliability in critical situations and our expertise can make the difference to prevent serious injury or death. 

With todays budget cuts and staffing challenges, it can be difficult to properly train, equip, and maintain a dedicated team of department Armorers. Our services can consistently bridge that gap economically using an industry standard best-practices approach and provide the necessary documentation. We are mobile and come to YOU.

About Us


REDWOOD EMPIRE ARMORY understands the needs of Law Enforcement and the difficult challenges faced. Allow us  to maintain, support and repair your firearms keeping them operating within factory specifications. Stay on target with mobile professional firearms maintenance!


REDWOOD EMPIRE ARMORY services  California Law Enforcement Agencies, Professional Security Companies, individual law enforcement officers and fire fighters.



Provide weapons sustainment, technical support and solutions for small arms, supporting Law Enforcement through rapid quality work and unique mobile response.


Our Services


- Detailed Weapon Inspections

- Weapon Cleaning / Lubrication

- Resolving Reliability Problems

- Sight Replacement

- Optics Installation

- Weapon Modifications

- Pin and Spring Replacement

- Stock Modifications

- Accessory Installation

- Fully-automatic Class-III LE         weapons are a specialty.

- New purchase pre-issue               inspections

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