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2016 NCAPOA Pistol Match

On Saturday October 15th, I had the privilege of donating my time and services to the 2016 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA ASIAN POLICE OFFICER ASSOCIATION PISTOL SHOOTING MATCH hosted at the San Francisco Police Dept. Range (Lake Merced).

This competition is held annually and is attended by officers from Northern California. Yes, it’s a competition for trophies, prizes and bragging rights… but more important is for the fun and networking it brings to all that attend. The list of agencies attending is large: Alameda County DA’s Office, BART, Berkeley, Oakland, San Bruno, San Francisco, San Francisco County Sheriff’s Office, U.C. Berkeley, United States Postal Police and even a team from NASA.

A safety brief was held early morning for the range staff. Soon after, the competitors arrived and were briefed on the days’ events. There were several shoots to include team competitions, individual officer competitions and a “grudge” match between two Police Officer Associations. There were at least two shooters who showed up “old school” with wheel guns and speed loaders.

I was impressed that all of the pistols ran excellent! No broken pistols… just ONE malfunction all day, a double feed from a Glock. This particular Glock ran great after that, and got into the “Top Eight” individual competition. Me being a gun guy, I spent a lot of time looking at all the different pistol brands and models, sight configurations, holsters and tac-lights. Sig Saur made up the largest percentage of pistols, followed by Glock. The first place individual shooter was sporting a Smith and Wesson M&P.

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